We are not really Clashing - Greater China will be the largest market by 2011

We released the Asia Pacific IT Services report today, this has been exciting for me to get it up and running at Springboard Research. The media and client interest is very strong, I do not think I have had such interest in a report in many years. One view from Australia was interesting. See the link below.


Andrew is friend of mine, so we have managed today to have a laugh about it. Honestly the article does misconstruct a couple of issues, the core thing is the growth in China. It is not coming from outsourcing however, China will not outsource, rather from support services and integration services. The traditional model of support moulding to outsourcing does not appear to work in China.

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Manila as a global delivery location

I was last in Manila a couple of years ago, I was surrounded at the hotel lobby by about 30 police/army with M16's and the largest Alsatian dogs I have ever seen. It added some pressure to a presentation I was giving in terms of global delivery locations. It was difficult to consider Manila in that environment, especially when I looked at my spouse test (would an executive from the US in particular like to relocate with family in that environment, most unlikely).
Now there is still security about, and the odd disturbance, but it appears that the economy is rolling ahead, the political environment is relatively stable and people look happy (even by the high standards of the Philippines).
The local newspaper is full of ads for roles at HP, Accenture, Convergys, Teletech and the like, it seems that the market is accelerating greatly. I actually think that in general terms (ie not North Asia), the Philippines is the second best global delivery market in Asia. This is also highlighted in very high real estate occupancy levels. Lets hope it continues.

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Indonesia making a comeback

It appears that (touch wood), Indonesia is making some sort of a comeback. The government and political situation has been stable, and investment is on the increase. This is positive for IT, the lull in Indonesia for a range of internal and external reasons has set it back, so at Springboard Research we expect acceleration in Indonesia from a services point of view, albeit, we do not expect it to be necessarily sophisticated, but an increasingly strong market. It may also take investment away from Thailand which has been changed economically in recent times.
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Pakistan - Expect a reduction in activity for services and offshore

Pakistan has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse in terms of the domestic political situation. Not surprisingly, whilst my colleagues have told me that life on the streets is largely normal, it is expected that the local services market will struggle for growth as foreign investment slows. At the same time the emerging global delivery market will continue to grow (instability is a characteristic of the global delivery market in many emerging countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and even Armenia which was referenced to me last week by a CRM SaaS vendor), it will be perhaps dulled in the short term.
If the long term outcome is positive for Pakstan in terms of stability, then investment will continue, but it will be a challenge to market the country as a key opportunity for investment in IT services, either domestic or through global delivery.
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I-Phone Launches in Europe before AP - Must be too many AP consumers

It is a little disappointing that Apple decided to launch the I-Phone in Europe before Asia Pacific. It seems that the 3 billion or more consumers in the region wil have to wait until the 700 million or so Europeans have their play first. Given the innovative and dynamic nature of the Asian marketplace and the overwhelming consumer orientation, this is a little disappointing decision by Apple. This is also true as a result of network issues that exist in Europe in terms of the I-Phone. Clearly the consumer based enterprises that are able to prioritise Asia in the future will win out rapidly, this may not effect Apple short term, but firms who continue to hold this view may pay a price at the register.

Thanks to Dane Anderson for alerting me to this,

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