New Telstra CEO ??

With SOl taking it back to the USA (whatever it was, aside from 3G), I am definitely hearing that David Moffett will be the new CEO there. It will be interesting, a local CEO and continuity
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HP Numbers

HP quartely results are out. Not surprisingly they have some ok points (services), but the product side of the business is badly hit.
AP was down, this would be in part due to Japan issues, but also I believe some internal distractions.
Key highlights from a macro point of view were the decline in shipments of desktop devices

Notebook Shipments down 13%

Printer device shipments down 33%

Interestingly volume is declining faster than revenue, looks like the low end part of the business (i.e. consumer) is really falling first

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Am on Twitter now

Finally I am on Twitter, my name there as it were, is phassey. Not sure how both communication approaches will work. It will be interesting to find out
16. February 2009 23:39 by Phil | Comments (0) | Permalink

The ties that bind - Community and IT

I am working on a small piece about the role of community in IT, we have seen in Australia with our recent tragic fires, the role that twitter and facebook have played, but that is from a consumer or end user perspective. I firmly believe that the downturn we are experiencing is a game changer in terms of behaviour, one of the outcomes of that is a shift to community. The response of Enterprise IT providers in this will be very important and interesting.
11. February 2009 23:14 by Phil | Comments (0) | Permalink

Could Silicon Valley become the next Detroit

Hi, an interesting article, it is sad how hte major economies are not investing in IT and technology in a broad sense for a recovery.

Innovation will come from emerging markets and be in the emerging markets terms and structure. Europe and the US need to react to this and integrate innovation
11. February 2009 23:11 by Phil | Comments (0) | Permalink


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