Lobbying by IT in Australia - to quote U2 - Get on your boots


Really, this is a case of too little too late. Why has it taken several months since such a stimulus plan is released for IT in this country to send a letter to the PM and request a meeting. Really it is an indictment on the poor level of IT lobbying in this country. The previous government did not understand IT, the current one has some patches of awareness but is for some not surprising reasons too telco focused.
Australia is not really alone in this, the US and Europe have poor outcomes for IT as a political lobbying community. At least the US has a president who understands IT and technology.
What the industry needs to do is learn from the sinners of the world. The best lobby groups in this country and globally are for activities that include guns, alcohol, oil, and gaming. Not IT. Even within business if you compare the activities of the CPA (accountants) in Australia with AIIA or the ACS there is a wide gulf in the level of societal awareness and of outcomes.
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