EDS a HP Company is now a reality

Overnight the HP and EDS deal was closed, it is too early really to make any more statements that what we have made earlier. I still see it as a positive, and with integration the key challenge along with client engagement and communication through the process. I believe that HP can manage these issues but the scale that EDS brings in terms of enterprise services relationships will really be a tough ask, there will be cracks, it is how they are managed that matters.
I will look to add more on this as more information comes through.

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Comments Re Sun and the possiblility of it being acquired

An interesting article highlighting that fact that Sun could be acquired

I have been saying this for a while now, it has little room to grow in many ways, and it is having competitors get much larger than it. The pressure is all powerful. I do not think that HP will acquire it, but anything is possible, and perhaps a radical step would be Dell, though the clash of innovation versus volume would make it a nasty transition.

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IT Consolidation - Last Year it was Cost Savings, this year, Green IT

Increasingly I am seeing vendors focus on their own virtue in terms of Green IT. IBM, HP, and others have all announced internal IT consolidations to drive green outcomes. This is of course an essential outcome and reflects what has been an extraordinary change over the course of 2007 towards seemingly universal green awareness, not just in IT but across industry. Just look at the greatest born again greenie of them all, Rupert Murdoch.  However if it were possible IBM and others would have undertaken the same consolidation earlier. The guise then however would have been cost savings and efficient use of IT resources. Environmental benefits and cost savings can go together, if something is more energy efficient, then naturally it takes less power, which has double benefits. Don’t be afraid to be up front with both Vendors will need to be sure that they do not raise the cynical eye over these things. Just playing the green card as the flavour of the month can run the risk of over hyping the benefits and creating mismanaged expectations.

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