Manila as a global delivery location

I was last in Manila a couple of years ago, I was surrounded at the hotel lobby by about 30 police/army with M16's and the largest Alsatian dogs I have ever seen. It added some pressure to a presentation I was giving in terms of global delivery locations. It was difficult to consider Manila in that environment, especially when I looked at my spouse test (would an executive from the US in particular like to relocate with family in that environment, most unlikely).
Now there is still security about, and the odd disturbance, but it appears that the economy is rolling ahead, the political environment is relatively stable and people look happy (even by the high standards of the Philippines).
The local newspaper is full of ads for roles at HP, Accenture, Convergys, Teletech and the like, it seems that the market is accelerating greatly. I actually think that in general terms (ie not North Asia), the Philippines is the second best global delivery market in Asia. This is also highlighted in very high real estate occupancy levels. Lets hope it continues.

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HP Manila - The earth moved for me

Currently I am in Manila being hosted by HP at their global delivery center here. This was fast tracked following up from the Proctor and Gamble account. In a piece of brilliant timing, following up from a discussion on Disaster Recovery, HP arranged a minor earthquake for us. Sitting on the 34th floor of a Makati skyscraper with a slightly surprised look on our faces, the contrast with the locals could not have been more stark. We quickly realised that it was a regular event.

The other regular event is that HP have yet another unrealised capability in global delivery, it does global delivery better than it gives itself credit for.

HP is very process centric, it clearly shows at global delivery centers, Christchurch, Manila, India or any location. Additionally the strength at HP in terms of client satisfaction shows through. For one reason or another HP still struggles to make enough noise about the capabilities and to use them as a strong tool with clients. Whilst differentiation (especially for SAP delivery) is very difficult to say the least, there is a need for it. HP have some potential differentiation capabilities, but for one reason (perhaps confidence and self belief in serviices) or another they are unable to communicate them as much as they should. Perhaps this is a role for their new marketing head, to transfer the strength in product marketing to services.

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Indonesia making a comeback

It appears that (touch wood), Indonesia is making some sort of a comeback. The government and political situation has been stable, and investment is on the increase. This is positive for IT, the lull in Indonesia for a range of internal and external reasons has set it back, so at Springboard Research we expect acceleration in Indonesia from a services point of view, albeit, we do not expect it to be necessarily sophisticated, but an increasingly strong market. It may also take investment away from Thailand which has been changed economically in recent times.
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Green IT In Australia - Expect regulation to drive this more explicitly, Is the US next

With the election of the new Rudd government in Australia, it is reasonable to expect reguation in Australia around Green IT. I believe that a change in president in the US will also create similar impacts, therefore the plan of vendors and enterprises alike (following on from Rupert Murdoch), is to put one in a position to drive the change
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Impact of a Rudd Government on IT in Australia

In the light of the Ruddslide overnight, with Kevin Rudd being elected as the new PM of Australia, some top line impacts on the IT industry
- Clearly the Telstra dynamic will change considerably, exactly how this will work is unclear, but Telstra executives and Communications Union members would have woken up with a happier perspective
- PC manufacturers will benefit (if the promise is followed through) with the investment of a PC per child for Years 9-12 at high school. This will be a lively bid, likely managed by the states of course
- The new government will have to pay more attention to IT. The now former Liberal Party government showed it's age in terms of the lack of vision and true understanding of the role of IT in the consumer and business world. My great hope is that the Rudd government will allow local IT firms to receive investment and focus to ensure that the huge IT skills that exist in this country are both retained and attract further investment.
Lets see, there will of course be a lot of talk about the realities of government for the ALP, lets hope that IT does not get lost in the noise.

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