HP Having Union trouble in EMEA


As highlighted, following on from the sad lay-off related incident in Sydney last week comes of word of some industrial disputes for staff in Europe. This is not a surprise of course, but needs to be managed and to be managed to ensure that the PR risk is nullified.

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BT as a benchmark for Telcos in terms of services

BT has placed itself in relatively unique position for a telco, it has credibility in the IT services market from an offerings point of view as well as delivery.
This makes it very unique when compared wih AT&T, Telstra, NTT and others. It is not perfect, but three indications of this success include the following

Ability to provide strong credible people within the organisation - an example of this is the appointment of Andy Green to the position of CEO elect at LogicaCMG

Leadership in the hosting space

Ability to engage successfully away from a usually regulated domestic market

For a range of reasons I do not really consider at this stage the threat of the Telco's to be too much more than potential, they have to change dramatically before they can consider themselves genuine long term threats to established players let alone the emerging market providers. At least BT is showing it can have some impact

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