I-Phone Launches in Europe before AP - Must be too many AP consumers

It is a little disappointing that Apple decided to launch the I-Phone in Europe before Asia Pacific. It seems that the 3 billion or more consumers in the region wil have to wait until the 700 million or so Europeans have their play first. Given the innovative and dynamic nature of the Asian marketplace and the overwhelming consumer orientation, this is a little disappointing decision by Apple. This is also true as a result of network issues that exist in Europe in terms of the I-Phone. Clearly the consumer based enterprises that are able to prioritise Asia in the future will win out rapidly, this may not effect Apple short term, but firms who continue to hold this view may pay a price at the register.

Thanks to Dane Anderson for alerting me to this,

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Fujitsu Buys Infinity Solutions in NZ - Positve Move for both

News today that Fujitsu NZ has acquired Infinity Solutions in NZ. Infinity Solutions is a NZ$60M or so provider in the market with a range of capabilities from acting as a reseller to consulting.
This is a good sign for Fujitsu, they do have a strong NZ business, and it highlights that even a US$40B IT company can invest locally. It is in part similar to the HP and Cap Gemini NZ buy out of a couple of years ago. It will give extra scale and more client relationships across NZ and in a range of enterprises from a company size and vertical point of view. It is also good that Fujitsu has decided to invest in NZ, not exit the company as others such as Accenture and CSC have done in the past.

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Accenture hits 19.7B for 2007 revenues

Accenture has finished off an exceptional year in terms of revenue growth, total revenue for the year was $19.7B, with growth of 13% in local currenciews and 18% in US$. All geogaphies, operating groups (industries), and business groups, ie consulting and outsourcing all experienced double digit growth in US$ terms. This is a very strong perfomance, and puts Accenture in such a strong position to leverage increasing market opportunities.

Some other key benchmarks

EMEA is still larger than the US

AP hit $1,7B, with 33% growth in US$ terms

Consulting out grew outsouring

Profitability was very strong

Overall these are impressive numbers and have highlighted the strength and depth of client engagement that Accenture is currently providing. The real task at hand is to manage expectations, and the required investments in people and process  as well as to continue a very strong benchmark.

Bottom line they are certain to be the next vendor to hit $20B in revenues, and are closing in on EDS who are growing, but at a more modest 5% per annum.

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News and Green IT - Some motivations perhaps

I was thinking about News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch’s relatively aggressive moves towards more eco friendly corporate responsibilities. I think that there are several aspects to consider in this.

They see a government change and increasing certainty in key markets of the and , as well as a new PM in the . Expectations of stronger regulation in those markets is pretty high.

As a media organization they are also able to take a "moral" and likely self righteous stand on the issue

Murdoch now has very young children and grandchildren as well as adult children, perhaps a view towards his young children's future (I am not always cynical)

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HP Appoints new CMO - ex Disney

Hot off the press is the announcement of a new CMO for HP, reporting to CTO Shane Robison. Michael Mendenhall will commence on October 1st. It is clear that there have been issues with HP marketing for some time, particularly in the communications space and in the enterprise marketing arena. Coming from the consumer world at Disney, it is clear that this is going to be a strength for Mendenhall, although this is an area in which HP has had continued strength, especially with the -Computer is Personal Again- promotion. The challenge will be in TSG marketing which especially for software and services has been lacking in depth to some degree, especiallywhen compared with the competition such as IBM, Accenture and Microsoft. Additionally getting the corporate message out about HP and its capabilities has been a struggle, but Disney are amongst the greatest marketers in the world (as any parent of 4-5 year olds will know), and have a very strong corporate marketing culture as well. The key challenges for Mendenhall will be breaking into the strong executive culture that is pervasive at HP (although Mark Hurd has managed this very successfully), as well as to as mentioned above ignite the communications functions to build the HP brand.

It will be interesting to note the progress and change that he is able to drive. Internally within HP marketing, there will be also a positive view as it will help propel what has times been a under regarded internal function in HP, again, especially TSG.

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