Satyam faces tough times

Some worrying times for Satyam, being banned by the World Bank is not good, and they have had a relatively tough time in the later part of 2008. 2009 will be a true test of the Indian providers, I expect that by the end of next year there will be some significant shake ups that occur.

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Some thoughts for 2009 in IT

Hi, Please see attached if you are interested in some of my thoughts for the future

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Ron Rittenmeyer Quits EDS - EDS now part of TSG

Whilst the outcome is expected, the timing was perhaps a little quicker than expected with the news of Ron Rittenmeyers resignation from the role of CEO of EDS.
EDS is now part of a significantly enlarged HP enterprise based TSG group. It makes sense in effect to have the services team under the one umbrella. In terms of the overall integration I do not think that it will have a material impact, however, it does bring into question the lifespan of the EDS brand. I honestly do not think that it will be about in 2010, and will likely go in 2009, however the view is public now, so I will easily be judged.

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Sun in Australia

Hi, an article that I contributed to on Sun, it is a shame that they have not built momentum in Australia, and with the financial crisis and Sun's current position, it is tough to see them getting strong growth in ANZ.,130061702,339293579,00.htm
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