Further to the Focus on SAP by major Services Vendors - EDS is enhancing the relationship with SAP

Further on my recent post on the relative focus of the leading services providers on SAP, EDS and SAP have just announced an increase in their relationship. Sure it is on paper for now, but I hear more of these sort of enhancements at this point in time with SAP and Oracle.
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Testing as the new differentiator

In recent weeks I have had some good exposure to the length and breadth of testing capabilities at EDS and HP. Frankly it has been an impressive insight. Both firms are looking to use testing as a differentiator and have some good proof points. The benefits of utilisation of apps testing by enterprises are often mis understood. It is tagged on the end of an engagement when budget and time have been soaked up, but the value of an integrated testing approach is starting to be seen. I believe that the growth in testing is such that I expect when I get around to my predictions for 2008, the growth of Apps Testing is sure to be alongside such factors as industry specific Green IT services (as distinct from current generic capabilities), and local low cost services capabilities in emerging markets (see EDS entry)
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