Is IBM set to acquire Satyam

Rumours that IBM Is going to acquire Satyam.
Clearly a lot will be written about this by me and others. It is clear what is in it for Satyam, but what is it the key for IBM. Access to more low cost resources, a serious of new or under penetrated clients and a few processes that Satyam will posess seem like the key things. They could leverage it as well from the point of view of a pivot company to enter the mid market customers with an IBM "Lite". I have been suggesting this to anyone who will listen for several years now.
Clearly some water to go under the bridge before this is signed and delivered (if it proceeds at all), but an interesting acquistion none the less.

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EDS a HP Company is now a reality

Overnight the HP and EDS deal was closed, it is too early really to make any more statements that what we have made earlier. I still see it as a positive, and with integration the key challenge along with client engagement and communication through the process. I believe that HP can manage these issues but the scale that EDS brings in terms of enterprise services relationships will really be a tough ask, there will be cracks, it is how they are managed that matters.
I will look to add more on this as more information comes through.

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Enterprise Application as the largest market in AP by 2011

Hi, thanks for all the visits in the last week, some records were smashed for my blog, of interest may be the following PR that we released, it highlights how important Apps services are, and that it is the focus of growth, there is growth of course across the markets, but we see the acceleration of Enterprise Application Integration services as being a critical market.

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Telco providers as services players - WIll they crack the code?

In the light of Commander and Volante, and Telstra and Kaz, someone mentioned to me the best way to make a small IT Services company was to sell to a mid sized firm to a telco and wait 1-2 years.
It seems to have a ring of truth to it across the region and globally, it is one of those things, and when that capability is extended to Application Services, telco providers struggle even more significantly.
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The peril of praising a telco services provider - The next day one falls flat

Yesterday I mentioned how BT is an example of a firm who has both capability and respect as an IT Services provider. Today the news that has been brewing for a while in Australia breaks about the failiure of Commander, and issues following the acquisition of Volante last year. Telco and IT Services are fundamentally different, whilst most services companies in Australia from a traditional IT or process perspective are having very strong years, (both large such as Accenture and smaller vendors such as CSG), Kaz and Commander are struggling for one reason or another.

I am not writing off telcos as valid competitors for IT Services, but it is still a long order to convince me of their long term merit, Infrastructure is hard enough from an IT perspective, application based services is an even harder market to convince me of their merit.

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