Outsourcing to Cost 1 Million jobs in Austalia - I thought we have moved on from this


An article speculating that 1 million jobs will be lost to offshore in the next 20 years in Australia, it is union funded, I am not a union basher, with unemployment at record lows, and a looming skills shortage, surely the fact that the economy structurally changes means that this sort of analyis is so simplistic it does not one any good. A little frustrating but as is always clear, everyone has an agenda.

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HP and EDS Green IT

Green IT will be one of the key areas of attention from a services line for the merged HP-EDS entity, both have some strengths in the market, whilst it does not solve the HP printer issue (ie the role of a printer being to print ink on paper, both rather negative, though HP is looking to maximise the efficiency), the Data Centre environment and a wholistic all of IT view of the green world will both be areas where HP will be able to enrich capabilities and drive client value moving forward, again, assuming execution.
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Enterprise Application as the largest market in AP by 2011

Hi, thanks for all the visits in the last week, some records were smashed for my blog, of interest may be the following PR that we released, it highlights how important Apps services are, and that it is the focus of growth, there is growth of course across the markets, but we see the acceleration of Enterprise Application Integration services as being a critical market.


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Skills shortages in IT - the irony is real

Able now to pry myself away from HP-EDS, I have been spending some time looking at the skills shortage issue, in a discussion about this with a major vendor it was clear to me the key irony of the skills issue in IT, and perhaps why we cannot avoid it. Simply, (and I hope I am the first to say this, I did google it), - IT does not have the people to develop the technology to take the people out of technology.

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The Springboard Research Focus Point - HP and EDS

Due to overwhelming demand, please see the link to the Focus Point I wrote on this. We believe that Springboard was the first analyst firm to blog at depth and to get a detailed analysis out to the market for insight and comment.


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