Telstra Signs Significant Logistics BPO deal with IBM

IBM and Telstra are currently announcing to analysts a massive deal in terms of Logistics outsourcing, making Sam Palmisano's recent trip quite lucrative for them. Telstra is continuing to be an extremely lucrative account for IBM, although there have been some setbacks and a lot of competition around the application integration layer with Accenture. The level of IBM revenue from Telstra is increasing at a strong rate, one thing that is driving this of course is the strong relationship between the two CEO's, (something also shared by Accenture and Telstra), the challenge for IBM will be to get this level of relationship to permeate through the organisation where there is less reluctance to embrace IBM at a sub management level. In addition once the current management leaves Telstra it will be critical for IBM to ensure continuity in the relationships, particularly in some of the less friendly parts of Telstra (from an IBM perspective).
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Infosys may not need Cap Gemini to break the European market - Phillips Deal

Today Infosys announced a significant BPO deal with Phillips electronics in the Netherlands, for F&A BPO. This has been a very significant win for Infosys, especially with the Phillips history as historical owner of Atos Origin, and close ties to other European IT and business providers. This will help them with momentum in Europe, having said that it is not going to reduce the speculation of an acquisition.

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