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The ROI Of Social Marketing

Business Case: The Social Marketing Playbook

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The demand has never been greater for marketers to validate and measure the benefits delivered by their increasing investment in social media. Marketers often frame this question as, "What is the ROI (return on investment) of social media?" but financial metrics are just one way of evaluating social media marketing programs. Social media marketing delivers a wide range of benefits to organizations that are beneficial in the short term and long term in ways both quantitative and qualitative. This report helps interactive marketers working on social marketing build a business case for their social budgets. To properly value the impact of their social media marketing investments, interactive marketers must align their objectives, metrics, targets, and strategies across four perspectives — the financial perspective, the digital perspective, the brand perspective, and the risk management perspective. This report is an update to the report "The ROI Of Social Media Marketing" originally published on July 16, 2010.

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  • Social Media Delivers Results That Are More Substantial Than Mere ROI
  • A Balanced Social Marketing Scorecard Delivers The Entire Picture
  • The Financial Perspective Measures Social Media's Impact On Sales
  • Survey Consumers To Measure The Brand Perspective
  • The Risk Management Perspective Is ROI You Cannot Measure
  • The Digital Perspective Complements Other Perspectives

    Robust And Varied Metrics Validate Social Media Investments

    Social Media Is Maturing; Metrics Must Mature Along With It
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