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As a data client, you gain access to the same detailed, quantitative survey data that is the foundation of Forrester's research analysis. With more than 35,000 B2B and 300,000 consumer surveys completed annually worldwide, we'll connect you with the right data point (or points) to:

  • support your business case
  • justify investments
  • set strategy
  • benchmark results

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How do your buyers make decisions? What's the right marketing mix to capture their interest? To gain the demand-side perspective you need to answer these questions, explore our comprehensive suite of B2B data services, including:

  • Forrsights: Deep, survey-based data on tech buyers' interest level in and adoption of emerging and disruptive technologies.
  • Tech Marketing Navigator: A powerful interactive tool for measuring the impact of more than 35 unique marketing vehicles across all stages of the tech purchase process.
  • Strategic Planning Forrsights For CIOs: Comprehensive data on peer budgeting and investments, digital business trends, changing customer behaviors, and critical tech developments to inform business technology strategy.


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