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  • Social Computing*
  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:Social Media Marketing In China

    How And Where To Tap Into China's Hypersocial Online Population

    Chinese online adults are among the most socially active we survey anywhere in the world — so if you're aiming to reach Chinese audiences you'd be wise to invest in social media. But this...

    • Downloads: 73
  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:Accelerate Your Social Maturity

    Assessment: The Social Marketing Playbook

    Customers and employees are becoming increasingly empowered by social technologies, dramatically changing the way they communicate and collaborate. To succeed in this new world, companies must make...

    • Downloads: 115
  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:Global Social Media Adoption

    Landscape: The Social Marketing Playbook

    Social media has gone global: The large majority of online adults in North America, Europe, metro Asia, and Latin America use social media regularly. For marketers, the question is no longer whether...

    • Downloads: 195
  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:It's Time To Make Facebook Marketing Work

    Best Practices: The Social Marketing Playbook

    After years of aimlessly chasing fans, it's time marketers start driving real business results from Facebook. This requires building a Facebook page that has a clear focus and offers value to...

    • Downloads: 288
  • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

    Report:Assess Your Co-Creation Readiness

    Assessment: The Open Innovation Playbook

    Product strategy professionals increasingly recognize the value of social co-creation engagements to involve the customer directly in the product development process and how this fits into the...

    • Downloads: 36
  • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

    Report:Navigate The Co-Creation Vendor Landscape

    Tools And Technology: The Open Innovation Playbook

    Co-creation will become a key business tool for product strategy professionals as they strive to incorporate it into their open innovation strategiesin order to develop better products, services, and...

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  • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

    Report:The Co-Creation Maturity Benchmark

    Benchmarks: The Open Innovation Playbook

    Co-creation is a key pillar of corporate open innovation initiatives. In Q1 2011, Forrester surveyed 212 product strategy professionals about whether and how social media assets within their...

    • Downloads: 36
  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:A Month In The Life: How UK SuperConnecteds Use Their Mobile Phones

    Technographics® UK Mobile Behavioral Tracking Study, Q4 2011

    Mobile usage has exploded. To develop effective mobile strategies and succeed in this new customer-obsessed mobile world, companies must understand how consumers are using their mobile phones. While...

    • Downloads: 18
  • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

    Report:Align Co-Creation Participants With The Right Engagements

    Road Map: The Open Innovation Playbook

    Co-creation is a key open innovation tool because it helps product strategy professionals create products that meet customers' needs. In order to pursue co-creation, product strategists must have a...

    • Downloads: 37
  • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

    Report:US Consumers Are Willing Co-Creators

    Landscape: The Open Innovation Playbook

    According to our most recent survey of product strategy professionals, 62% of all companies are not using social media to interact directly with their customers in order to influence product...

    • Downloads: 64
  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:Objectives Are The Key To Social Strategy

    Strategic Plan: The Social Marketing Playbook

    We're several years into the social marketing boom, but still many executives are going about social strategy backward: picking technologies like Facebook or Twitter first instead of focusing on what...

    • Downloads: 117
  • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

    Report:Revolutionize Products Through Open Innovation

    Executive Overview: The Open Innovation Playbook

    Product innovation isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a must-have, particularly in light of the rapid changes taking place at the intersection of technology and consumer behavior. Product strategists...

    • Downloads: 70
  • For Vendor Strategy Professionals

    Report:What India's 12th National Five-Year Plan Means For ICT Vendors

    Aligning Strategies With Key Government Priorities Is The Key To Success

    The Indian public sector is an extremely difficult market for IT vendors due to its extended business cycles and high levels of diversity, hypercompetition, bureaucracy, and procurement complexity....

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  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report:Digital Design Projects And Spending, 2012

    Landscape: The Digital Customer Experience Improvement Playbook

    During the past few years, Forrester has seen tremendous momentum for digital design projects as digital touchpoints proliferate. And the trend held true this year, too: A recent survey of...

    • Downloads: 58
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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:The State Of Social Intelligence, 2012

    Benchmarks: The Social Intelligence Playbook

    Forrester recently polled 108 listening platform customers to learn about the evolution in companies' social intelligence practices. We reviewed their vendor partnerships, the ways they use listening...

    • Downloads: 76
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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Defining Social Intelligence

    Vision: The Social Intelligence Playbook

    Listening platforms power marketers by analyzing their brands, products, and customers across social media channels. But although listening platforms make managing social data possible, marketers...

    • Downloads: 67
  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:The Social Intelligence Market Is Immature

    Landscape: The Social Intelligence Playbook

    Over the years, we've evaluated the tools that marketers use to monitor, measure, and learn from online conversations. These listening platforms capture social media to help users analyze data and...

    • Downloads: 54
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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Leverage Social Data To Elevate Customer Intelligence

    Executive Overview: The Social Intelligence Playbook

    Social media's prevalence across the Web gives consumers and brands a new way to connect online. But while most businesses know the importance of social media, most are missing opportunities by not...

    • Downloads: 47
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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Evaluate And Evolve Social Intelligence

    Assessment: The Social Intelligence Playbook

    Over the past four years, Forrester has outlined why firms must monitor social media. But although most companies understand the importance of tracking conversations happening online, few actually...

    • Downloads: 32
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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:The Keys To A Social Intelligence Command Center

    Best Practices: The Social Intelligence Playbook

    If you represent a large consumer brand, consider a social intelligence command center — a dedicated resource for listening to the groundswell. A command center like this can improve your...

    • Downloads: 43
    • Comments: 1
  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:The Road Map To Integrated Social Intelligence

    Strategic Plan: The Social Intelligence Playbook

    Too many companies remain trapped by merely monitoring or passively collecting social media. Few actually reach social intelligence: driving their marketing and business strategy using the data that...

    • Downloads: 50
  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:It's Time To Integrate Facebook Into Your Marketing Site

    Using Facebook Login To Your Advantage

    This report, originally written for eBusiness and channel strategy professionals, contains important insight and recommendations for interactive marketing professionals as well. Since the...

    • Downloads: 31
  • For Vendor Strategy Professionals

    Report:Business Intelligence Market Trends In Asia Pacific

    Demand for business intelligence (BI) tools, technologies, and approaches is increasing across Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ). Competitive pressures in both mature and growth markets across the...

    • Downloads: 41
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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Listening Platforms, Q2 2012

    How Nine Vendors Stack Up In A Constantly Changing Market

    In Forrester's 64-criteria evaluation of enterprise listening platforms vendors, we found that Radian6 and Visible Technologies lead the pack because of their variably functional dashboards and...

    • Downloads: 131
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  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:Trends 2012: European Insurance eBusiness And Channel Strategy

    Start Working On Your Digital Agenda Now!

    Despite the fact that we are in the midst of a European crisis that could influence the insurance business dramatically, eBusiness and channel strategy executives in this region should be sensitive...

    • Downloads: 75


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