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  • Market Research Tools
  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:Best Practices For Managing A Market Research Online Community

    Market research online communities (MROCs) are an increasingly popular qualitative research method. They allow market insights professionals to engage with consumers via a number of different...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:The Forrester Wave™: EFM Vendors, Market Insights Platform Providers, Q3 2011

    IBM SPSS, Globalpark (QuestBack), and Confirmit Lead A Strong, Close Pack

    In Forrester's 76-criteria evaluation of five market-insights-focused enterprise feedback management (EFM) vendors, we found that IBM SPSS; Globalpark, a QuestBack company; and Confirmit led the...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:Market Insights Professionals Should Assess Their Firm's Intelligent Enterprise Readiness

    Forrester's research shows that firms that seek to place the customer at the core of their operations closely align their market insights and customer intelligence functions and in time have them...

    • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

      Report:Getting Product Ideas Past Stage One

      Why The Validation Process Is Critical To Product Strategy Success

      "Ideate" is the first stage in the product development cycle; it's a time when product strategists gather ideas for new and innovative products and services. Before moving on to subsequent phases,...

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    • For Market Insights Professionals

      Report:An Overview Of Enterprise Feedback Management Vendors And Their Capabilities

      The Technology Tool That Will Help Market Insights Professionals Bring The Research Data Streams Within The Organization Together

      Companies are in a unique position today: They have an unprecedented ability to collect information about their customers through various channels. However, what has arisen from what one would...

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    • For Customer Experience Professionals

      Report:Mastering Emotional Experience Design: Address Customers' Real Goals

      Companies hoping to engage their customers in digital channels should adopt what Forrester calls Emotional Experience Design (EED). The first principle of the framework asserts that firms need to...

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    • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

      Report:Introduction To Conjoint Analysis For Consumer Product Strategists

      Design Products Using Feature Tradeoff Simulation

      We find that not enough consumer product strategists employ conjoint analysis to aid product design and pricing. Conjoint subjects consumers to a simulated purchasing exercise, varying the features...

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    • For Market Insights Professionals

      Report:The Next Evolution Of MROCs

      In the past two years, market research online communities (MROCs) have come of age as a research method that's now reality more than hype, but the use of and business model around communities are...

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    • For Market Insights Professionals

      Report:Predictions 2011: What Will Happen In Market Research

      Major Changes Are In Store For The Market Research Profession

      Until a couple of years ago, the market research department was the only department that proactively collected data from customers and prospects and broadcast it into the organization, but now data...

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    • For Market Insights Professionals

      Report:How Can Market Researchers Get Social?

      Growing Trends And Current Challenges In Social Market Research

      As consumer adoption of social media increases and companies expand their use of social media across the organization, market research professionals must consider if and how they can use social media...

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    • For Market Insights Professionals

      Report:Predictions 2010: What Will Happen In Market Research

      Ten Trends That Will Shape Consumer Market Research In 2010

      Like so many people, market researchers have been through a lot in the past year. They saw their workload change significantly in 2009 because of an increased need for information, with higher...

      • For Vendor Strategy Professionals

        Report:Predictions 2010: What Lies In Store For Market Research Tech Vendors

        It's been a tough year in the research industry, but not for all vendors. While full-service firms have languished, online tool vendors have seen strong growth driven by enterprises in-sourcing some...

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      • For Market Insights Professionals

        Report:The Online Panel Quality Wars: All Market Researchers Benefit — Especially B2B Tech

        At the same time that online quantitative research has taken off, dubiousness abounds about the representation of the online panel sample. Buyers ask: Are panels representative of the markets...

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      • For Market Insights Professionals

        Report:What Type Of Market Research Online Community Vendor Should Tech B2B Market Researchers Use?

        Three Choices Exist, Dependent On Budget, Usage Pattern, And Support Needs

        Market research online communities (MROCS) are the next wave in qualitative research, due to their combination of new qualitative research capabilities and ability to provide cheaper faster results....

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      • For Market Insights Professionals

        Report:Case Study: How Fox And Microsoft Used Mobile Research To Measure Movie Advertising Impact

        Mobile Research Helped Gain Insight In The Buildup Of Movie Promotion

        Fox and Microsoft Advertising collaborated on a project at the end of 2008 to better understand the impact of and the interaction between the different media channels used to promote movies. They...

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      • For Market Insights Professionals

        Report:The Forrester Wave™: Full-Service Market Research Online Community Vendors, Q4 2009

        Communispace And Vision Critical Lead In A Space That's Heating Up

        In Forrester's 46-criteria evaluation of six full-service market research online community (MROC) vendors, we found that Communispace and Vision Critical led the pack because of the former's...

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