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  • Loyalty Marketing
  • For CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:How Social Media Is Changing Brand Building

    Social media has fundamentally changed how consumers interact with each other and with brands. As a result, marketers tell us that they now consider this new channel to be a critical component of...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:The Customer Loyalty Program Review

    Organization: Drive Loyalty Strategy

    Loyalty programs promise to increase retention and satisfaction, but they often fall short of delivering results because they lack an innovative strategy to set them apart from the competition. This...

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  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report:The Business Impact Of Customer Experience, 2012

    Business Case: The Experience-Driven Organization Playbook

    This report outlines the business case for customer experience professionals seeking to discover the business benefits of improving customer experience in an experience-driven organization. Years of...

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  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:US Online Retail Forecast, 2011 To 2016

    eCommerce Tops $200 Billion In 2011

    eCommerce sales continue to grow rapidly, having topped $200 billion in 2011. Forrester expects that online sales will grow from 7% of overall retail sales to close to 9% by 2016. Key drivers of this...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Loyalty Program Service Providers Struggle To Delight Their Customers

    In researching the Forrester Wave™ evaluation of loyalty program service providers, we surveyed 94 loyalty program service provider customers about their vendor partnerships. We found that...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Program Service Providers, Q1 2012

    Epsilon And Kobie Marketing Lead, With Brierley+Partners And Aimia Close Behind

    Companies turn to loyalty program service providers for support across the loyalty value chain — from program strategy, technology, and program management to creative, fulfillment, and...

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  • For CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Four Steps To Tackle The Shift To The Customer Life Cycle

    Forrester believes that chief marketing officers (CMOs) must abandon the century-old marketing/sales funnel and embrace the customer life cycle in order to better manage their customers' interaction...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Revisiting The Enterprise Marketing Software Landscape

    Consolidation And Growth Drive A Dynamic Software Marketplace

    Marketing today is impossible without significant investments in technology. When Forrester first charted the landscape of marketing technologies in 2007, we found that marketers were investing in...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Benchmarking Customer Loyalty Program Efforts

    Findings From Forrester's Q3 2011 Survey Of Loyalty Program Marketers

    Forrester recently surveyed 81 loyalty program marketers about their loyalty programs and strategies in an effort to understand the size, structure, and performance of customer loyalty programs....

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Examining The Member Interactions Of Five Major Loyalty Programs

    Programs Fall Short Across All Evaluation Criteria

    Forrester applied its new Customer Loyalty Program Review methodology to five popular loyalty programs from the retail, travel, and financial services industries. The results of the evaluation...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Consumer Attitudes Toward Loyalty Programs Deteriorate

    Since 2008, consumer attitudes toward loyalty programs have declined across every indicator that Forrester tracks. Consumers join programs of brands they like, but they limit their participation to...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Forrester's Customer Loyalty Program Review Scorecard

    Forrester's Customer Loyalty Program Review Scorecard evaluates internal loyalty program business processes and member experiences with a given program. The business process review evaluates a...

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  • For CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Case Study: Caterpillar Aligns Business And IT To Build Customer Value And Power Growth

    Caterpillar has encountered a dramatic shift in the buying process as its customers move to digital channels to learn about and support construction equipment. While reinforcing its traditional...

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  • For CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Visible Value Differentiates Brands And Drives Loyalty

    Consumers Define Which Aspects Of The Brand Experience Are Critical

    Consumers want brand experiences that match their expectations. We asked consumers which aspects of the brand experience help them differentiate between similar brands and ultimately make them loyal...

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  • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

    Report:iPhone 4S Cements Apple's Product Strategy Leadership Position

    Apple's Cross-Device Product Strategy Drives Product Differentiation And Customer Loyalty

    Let's face it: Many observers, anticipating a redesign and a raft of hardware innovations, reacted with disappointment to Apple's iPhone 4S unveiling. Does it matter? No. Why? Because Apple launched...

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  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:Partner Up For Influencer Marketing

    Work With Key Collaborators To Identify And Engage Influencers

    Interactive marketers are often responsible for influencer marketing programs, particularly within business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations. But identifying and engaging influencers is both complex...

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  • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

    Report:Brand Loyalty Isn't Enough For Products Anymore

    Product Strategists Must Build Total Product Experiences To Combat Consumers' Declining Brand Loyalty

    Brand loyalty has long been a critical pillar of product strategy, but its power is in relative decline. Technology and a recessionary economy have threatened the value of brand loyalty, especially...

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  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report:The Forrester Wave™: EFM Satisfaction And Loyalty Solutions, Q3 2011

    Medallia And MarketTools Lead With Strong Performers Close Behind

    In Forrester's 76-criteria evaluation of enterprise feedback management (EFM) satisfaction and loyalty solutions, we found that Medallia and MarketTools led the pack with comprehensive software...

    • Downloads: 37
  • For CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Moving Traveler Loyalty From "Utility" To "Good"

    Using Ancient Greek Philosophy As A Framework For 21st Century Travel Loyalty

    The Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that there were three levels of friendships: utility, pleasure, and good. The lowest, utility, describes the current state of travel loyalty programs —...

    • Downloads: 24
  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Making Sense Of Loyalty Program Measurement

    Measuring the performance of loyalty programs remains a rocky road for most firms. Whether they encounter roadblocks around strategy, resources, or tools, marketers struggle to accurately measure the...

    • Downloads: 35
  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:What's In A Game? The Effect Of Gamification On Customer Loyalty Programs

    Gamification — applying principles of gaming to non-game activities — has everyone talking. In the context of loyalty, gamification offers two key benefits: deeper member engagement and...

    • Downloads: 43
  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Where To Get Help With Customer Influence

    Identifying and tapping customer influence remains a popular topic for Customer Intelligence professionals. But with all of the interest, most see influence as a nebulous concept. Some of the...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Case Study: Insurance Gets Progressive With Loyalty

    Dissatisfied with its customer retention rates and satisfaction scores, and looking to set itself apart in the highly competitive insurance industry, Progressive Casualty Insurance launched its...

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  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:Boosting Revenue With Merchant-Funded Offers

    eBusiness Execs At Banks And Card Providers Should Evaluate New Solutions

    Increased regulation in the financial industry has altered traditional sources of fee revenue like debit card and overdraft protection fees. As a result, banks and credit card providers have been...

    • Downloads: 19
  • For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

    Report:Appealing To Consumers With Mass-Customized Product Strategies

    Entice Customers Into The Loyalty Cycle

    While appealing to customer needs is always important in product strategies, it's imperative for mass-customized offerings in particular. Buyers must have the right options available to them —...

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