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  • Emerging Market Research Strategies
  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:Combining Survey Research And Behavioral Tracking Creates Deeper Insights

    Insights And Lessons Learned From Forrester's Social Media Behavioral Tracking Study

    When it comes to gaining quantitative consumer intelligence, market insights professionals can use a wide array of methodologies — including behavioral. Many market insights professionals...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:How Using Neuroscience Techniques Can Help Understand The Consumer's Mind

    Emerging Market Research Methodology: Neuroscience Techniques Can Clarify And Support Market Research Decisions

    Market insights professionals are tasked with understanding how consumer preferences and emotions play a role in their decisions and influence their choices. However, these factors typically occur...

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  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report:How PayPal Uses Exploratory Research To Drive A Culture Of Customer-Focused Innovation

    Exploratory research uncovers customer needs that have yet to be met, exposes opportunities for differentiation, provides a holistic view of a problem space, and helps firms keep pace with the...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:Predictions 2012: What Will Happen In Market Research

    Market Insights Professionals' Agenda Topics For 2012 Include Emerging Methods, Insights Delivery, And Collaboration

    The market research profession has gone through significant change in the past few years, and Forrester predicts that more is yet to come. In fact, market insights professionals will face some...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:Facing A CSAT Crisis? Use Forrester's ALARM Research Methodology

    Process For Market Insights Professionals To Quickly Identify Drivers Of And Solutions To Customer Satisfaction And Sales Issues

    Market insights professionals often get confronted with requests for immediate insights when things don't go as planned with customers. This can be something like declining Net Promoter or...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:Are You Ready For Social Market Research?

    Market Insights Professionals Should Assess Their Social Market Research Readiness Level For Embracing And Listening

    Forrester has been tracking the emergence of social market research since 2008, and it is clear that it has reached an inflection point. Social market research is no longer hype and is now a...

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  • For Customer Experience Professionals

    Report:What Three Companies Learned From Conducting Ethnographic Research

    Panelists From Bentley Design And Usability Center, Frog Design, And Wells Fargo Share Their Findings

    At Forrester's 2011 Customer Experience Forum, panelists from Bentley Design and Usability Center, frog design, and Wells Fargo shared their experiences using exploratory research techniques. While...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:How Prediction Markets Help Forecast Consumers' Behaviors

    Emerging Market Research Methodology: Prediction Markets Are Your Innovation And Market Assessment Barometer Tool

    Market insights professionals are repeatedly tasked with delivering quick insights that will accurately predict what consumers will do or buy in the future. Traditional research methods do not always...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:How To Incorporate Social Media In Market Insights

    Bringing Social Intelligence Into The Research Fold

    Social media is here to stay, and the world of market research cannot ignore it any longer. Yet while most market insights professionals are interested in the concept of using social media as a...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:Predictions 2011: What Will Happen In Market Research

    Major Changes Are In Store For The Market Research Profession

    Until a couple of years ago, the market research department was the only department that proactively collected data from customers and prospects and broadcast it into the organization, but now data...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:How Can Market Researchers Get Social?

    Growing Trends And Current Challenges In Social Market Research

    As consumer adoption of social media increases and companies expand their use of social media across the organization, market research professionals must consider if and how they can use social media...

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  • For Market Insights Professionals

    Report:Predictions 2010: What Will Happen In Market Research

    Ten Trends That Will Shape Consumer Market Research In 2010

    Like so many people, market researchers have been through a lot in the past year. They saw their workload change significantly in 2009 because of an increased need for information, with higher...

    • For Market Insights Professionals

      Report:Social Media Offer Some Relief For High-Quality B2B Market Research Sample

      But It Will Take Time For The Solutions To Mature

      Online survey research is fast, relatively inexpensive, and the default for many market researchers today. But, business-to-business (B2B) market researchers have a unique challenge in that getting...

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    • For Market Insights Professionals

      Report:Best Practices For Community Research Success

      Successfully Managing MROCs Requires Measurement And Collaboration

      More and more companies are adding a market research online community (MROC) to their research mix. But to make community research a valuable addition to the company, consumer market research...

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    • For Market Insights Professionals

      Report:The Online Panel Quality Wars: All Market Researchers Benefit — Especially B2B Tech

      At the same time that online quantitative research has taken off, dubiousness abounds about the representation of the online panel sample. Buyers ask: Are panels representative of the markets...

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    • For Market Insights Professionals

      Report:Case Study: How Fox And Microsoft Used Mobile Research To Measure Movie Advertising Impact

      Mobile Research Helped Gain Insight In The Buildup Of Movie Promotion

      Fox and Microsoft Advertising collaborated on a project at the end of 2008 to better understand the impact of and the interaction between the different media channels used to promote movies. They...

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    • For Market Insights Professionals

      Report:Market Research Online Communities Gain Visibility And Uptake

      Demand For Flexibility And Quality Opens The Door To New Vendors

      Market researchers are aware of and interested in using market research online communities (MROCs). However, according to results from Forrester's Q3 2009 Global MROC Online Survey, many don't know...

      • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

        Report:Use Online Communities For Strategic Insight

        Member Opinions Will Strengthen Your Marketing Strategies

        Community input offers marketers an intimate — and continuous — understanding of brands, but only if you're willing to listen closely to what members have to say. If you're ready to...

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      • For Market Insights Professionals

        Report:The Opportunities And Challenges Of Mobile Research

        Mobile Research Adds "Anytime, Anywhere" To The Research Mix

        Mobile research is still limited in uptake, but it will gain momentum in the years to come as mobile Internet penetration grows. Its mobility and flexibility offer consumer market research...



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