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The State Of Retailing Online 2010: Marketing, Social Commerce, And Mobile

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The annual fielding of "The State of Retailing Online," a study conducted by Forrester Research, asked Web retailers to share levels of interactive marketing spend, effectiveness of social commerce initiatives, and investment in mobile activity. This report is the first of two parts of the series produced by Forrester in partnership with
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  • Web Retailers Continue To Experience Double-Digit Year-Over-Year Growth

    Tried And True Beat Fancy And New
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  • Models & Calculators:

    Annual Growth Of Web Divisions

  • Models & Calculators:

    Most Retailers Are Very Early In Their Mobile Planning

  • Models & Calculators:

    The Mobile Web Is Uncharted Territory For Many Online Retailers

  • Models & Calculators:

    Companies Are Aiming To Provide More Mobile Content

  • Models & Calculators:

    Within Organizations, Mobile Is Built And Maintained In Diverse Ways

  • Models & Calculators:

    Few Online Retailers Are Investing Heavily In Mobile To Date

  • Models & Calculators:

    Mobile Investment By Type Of Retailer

  • Models & Calculators:

    Percent Of Traffic From Mobile

  • Models & Calculators:

    Percent Of Traffic From Mobile By Type Of Retailer

  • Models & Calculators:

    Percent Of Revenue From Mobile

  • Models & Calculators:

    Percent Of Revenue From Mobile By Type Of Retailer

  • Models & Calculators:

    Web Growth By Vertical

  • Models & Calculators:

    Mobile KPIs

  • Models & Calculators:

    Marketing Budgets In 2009

  • Models & Calculators:

    Marketing Budgets By Vertical

  • Models & Calculators:

    Search And Affiliates Are The Top Acquisition Tactics

  • Models & Calculators:

    Navigation And Product Detail Pages Are Key Investment Areas

  • Models & Calculators:

    Social Tactics Continue To Evolve In Their Relation To Commerce

  • Models & Calculators:

    Measurement Of Social Activities

  • Models & Calculators:

    Most Popular Social Tactics



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