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  • Online Marketing Technology
  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Plan Customer-Centric Campaign Management Requirements

    Assessment: The Cross-Channel Campaign Management Playbook

    This report outlines the capabilities assessment of Forrester's solution for customer intelligence (CI) professionals working on marketing technology. Transforming marketing programs into...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Enable Customer Obsession With Cross-Channel Campaign Management

    Executive Overview: The Cross-Channel Campaign Management Playbook

    Once relegated to the province of direct mail teams and analysts, customer data and marketing technology are now essential to every marketing function, from strategy to creative development to...

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  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:Select Partners Who Support Your Goals

    Tools And Technology: The Digital Media Buying Playbook

    The linchpins of every effective media buyer's practice are the partner and vendor relationships that allow the buyer to create truly valuable customer experiences. The technology ecosystem for...

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  • For CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Emerging Technologies For CMOs To Watch: Q3 2012

    New Technologies Push The Boundaries Of Customer Engagement

    CMOs need to keep an eye on emerging technologies that have the potential to improve customer engagement levels. This third report in our series on emerging technologies explores tools and...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Defining Social Intelligence

    Vision: The Social Intelligence Playbook

    Listening platforms power marketers by analyzing their brands, products, and customers across social media channels. But although listening platforms make managing social data possible, marketers...

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  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:Under The Hood Of Mobile Marketing: Location-Based Marketing

    Making Marketing Content Relevant To Where People Are

    As marketers step up their mobile marketing efforts, Forrester clients are asking more and more questions about it, and one of the most important facets of the opportunity is location-based...

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  • For Technology Marketing Professionals

    Report:The Emergence Of The Digital Marketing Service Provider

    Tech Marketers Have A New Buyer And Channel To Consider

    Businesses engaged in digital marketing will seek a new generation of service provider — one that combines technology competence with marketing strategy and digital creativity. These providers...

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  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:A Measurement Maturity Framework For Interactive Marketers

    Measurement is universally valued by interactive marketers. Approaches and levels of sophistication vary, but nearly everyone recognizes that smart measurement leads to optimized business results...

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  • For CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Forrester's IT And Marketing Partnership Readiness Model For CMOs

    This model allows you to assess your IT/marketing partnership readiness along the three critical dimensions of people, process, and technology. Use this model to identify strengths and weaknesses of...

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  • For CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:CMOs Must Merge Marketing With IT To Win In The Digital Decade

    Assessing Your Marketing-IT Partnership Readiness To Develop A Custom Action Plan

    In the future, only companies that understand and anticipate their customers' needs and can consistently deliver unique, tailored customer experiences will be able to attract and retain loyal...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Three Approaches To The Marketing Technology Office

    The marketing technology office (MTO) enables businesses' ability to leverage marketing technology in service of customer obsession. Customer Intelligence (CI) professionals already play key roles in...

    • Downloads: 289
  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Investing In Marketing's Technology Future

    How CI Can Use Technology To Drive Competitive Advantage

    Marketers require ever more technology to capture, integrate, analyze, and apply customer data to marketing programs. Forrester recommends that marketers establish an enterprisewide marketing...

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  • For Technology Marketing Professionals

    Report:Market Overview: 2011 Social Media Platforms For B2B Tech Marketing

    Despite A Dynamic Landscape And Confusing Buzzwords, B2B Tech Marketers Can Select The Platforms That Best Meet Their Needs

    The large and diverse ecosystem of social media platform technologies is undergoing rapid change. As customer needs and technologies evolve, suppliers are feverishly consolidating, integrating, and...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:The Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics, Q4 2011

    Adobe, comScore, IBM, And Webtrends Lead A Market In Transition

    In Forrester's 80-criteria evaluation of web analytics vendors, we found that Adobe, comScore, IBM, and Webtrends are Leaders because of their consistent product strength combined with compelling...

    • Downloads: 1683
  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:The State Of MRM In 2011

    Marketing Operations Technology Is Increasingly Contextual

    Marketing resource management (MRM) systems promise to enhance marketers' ability to optimize planning, budgeting, collaboration, and asset creation. MRM received significant attention in the middle...

    • Downloads: 475
  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report:Understand The Requirements Of The Customer Life Cycle For Applications And Data

    Take A Strategic Approach To These Requirements For Greater Impact

    The old concept of the marketing funnel has become passé, requiring firms to make a dramatic shift to focus on the full customer life cycle and customer relationship. To help enable the...

    • Downloads: 327
  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Customer Intelligence: Embrace DMPs To Enhance Your Digital Relevance

    Why Customer Intelligence Pros Must Collaborate With Interactive Marketers

    The emergence of data management platforms (DMPs) as a technology that serves the audience segmentation and targeting needs of interactive marketers has wide implications for Customer Intelligence...

    • Downloads: 432
  • For CMO & Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Emerging Technologies CMOs Should Watch: Q3 2011

    Four Technologies For Engaging Customers With Content

    CMOs need to keep an eye on emerging technologies that have the potential to drive improvements in customer engagement. This second in a series of reports on emerging technologies explores tools and...

    • Downloads: 757
  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:The New Interactive Marketing Maturity Model

    How CORE Can Help Improve Your Interactive Sophistication

    Interactive marketer maturity today looks strikingly like it did when we introduced our original interactive marketing maturity model in 2008. This is likely due to increased market complexity and...

    • Downloads: 660
  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:The State Of The Digital Media Buyer

    Insights For Publishers On The Evolution Of The Media Buyer

    Agency display media buyers are rapidly investing in both new ad products like audience targeting and custom creative while adopting new buying methods like real-time bidding. Major publishers lag...

    • Downloads: 497
  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:Acquisitions: Another Disruptive Force For Marketing Technologists

    How M&A; Activity Brings Pain And Opportunity To CI Professionals

    In recent months, Customer Intelligence (CI) professionals witnessed a spate of acquisitions that have forever altered the landscape of marketing technology suites and analysis tools. Such...

    • Downloads: 274
  • For CIO Professionals

    Report:Emerging Technology Applications For Marketing

    Marketing success is increasingly dependent on using technology to understand and communicate with customers. IT must develop a thorough understanding of marketing technology and the potential for...

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  • For Customer Intelligence Professionals

    Report:How To Identify Online Marketing Suite Requirements

    Assess Your Current State To Inform The Online Marketing Suite Road Map

    The online marketing suite is a well-regarded framework for coordinating interactive marketing, but it consistently proves difficult to implement. Customer Intelligence (CI) professionals struggle to...

    • Downloads: 335
  • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

    Report:Financial Services Interactive Marketers Are Primed For A More Responsive Social Presence

    Use Technology To Help Overcome Logistical Hurdles

    As financial services (FS) marketers evolve their social programs to more actively engage customers and prospects, they are struggling to handle the workflow, compliance, and measurement challenges...

    • Downloads: 444
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report:A Single View Of The Customer Is Table Stakes To Enable Cross-Channel Attribution

    The Cross-Channel Attribution Blueprint

    When it comes to articulating the business value of data, marketing pros are among the most enlightened of business stakeholders. Marketers rely on customer, transaction, and third-party data to...

    • Downloads: 428


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