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“Congratulations to Springboard Research! The project leader received positive feedback from his team and he was very pleased about the draft. That’s very good news to me because I love happy end-customers!”
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Quick, Actionable Market ResearchSpringboard’s Quick Takes service can help provide quick, cost effective and actionable market intelligence to answer key questions in your markets. Many customers do not have the time or budget to commission a traditional custom research project and Quick Takes help to provide a solution to their research needs.

Quick Takes are designed to provide clients with a predefined custom research framework to answer key internal questions quickly and cost-effectively. The methodology employed for the research is mostly desk research based combined with primary research interviews to go directly to the market.

The types of topics Quick Takes can address include:

  • How will a new product release fare in the market? What competitive threats does it pose?
  • What is the real meaning behind a major customer development?
  • Who are the key ISVs/SIs/VARs in a specific market segment?
  • What are the dynamics (market size, competitors, trends, etc…) of a niche and under-researched market segment?
  • What is an independent assessment of a strategy we are planning to launch?

The Quick Takes product line has three product tiers based on the degree of detail required:

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