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“You and your team have delivered another top quality report in a fast time. This is what this idea is all about. I’m sending it out to the top management right now.”
Regional Market Research Manager
Global Integrated IT Provider

Ongoing Market TrackingOngoing Market Tracking solutions provide recurring deliverables (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly) for a certain period of time, but generally a year. These solutions help our clients track competitors or key market segments more fully and regularly than they can feasibly do internally.

Examples of the types of projects covered in the Ongoing Market Tracking service category include:

  • Tracking competitors and their market movements
  • Learning more about pricing changes in the market
  • Gaining access to ongoing analysis of market events
  • Keeping on top of emerging technology developments
  • Tracking key deals in a targeted sector or country
  • Understanding more about current developments in targeted vertical markets
  • Gaining understanding about product launches & refreshes

Ongoing Market Tracking deliverables can be attributed to Springboard Research, or to the department contracting the work. Many clients opt for the latter to expand their market research bandwidth and enhance their standing within their organizations.

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