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Springboard Research is the first true alternative IT market research firm of the 21st Century. Led by a team of dynamic industry experts with many years of experience, Springboard was founded on the premise that existing market research was inefficient, lacked depth and was not flexible enough to meet the IT markets’ growing business needs. The IT community is constantly evolving and changing, demanding IT market research in line with their business goals.
To be the global standard for innovative IT market research, offering customers flexibility, value and a superior depth of knowledge.
At Springboard Research, we know that our customers require research that enables them to lead the global market, not follow. Therefore we leverage a next generation research model that offers our customers flexibility, the ability to explore new and emerging areas, a research model that delivers depth and breadth, and valuable insights to help our customers plan and win in the future.

Springboard analyzes the full spectrum of the IT market, with specializations in software, services, vertical markets and emerging sectors. This ensures that our customers are more informed and are better able to identify new market opportunities and growth engines, and develop innovative ways to go-to-market.

Working with Springboard Research means that the IT community is no longer limited by:
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