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Research Model

While there has been rampant innovation in the IT industry with new business models and new technologies, there has been very little of this in the IT market research industry. Most firms are still doing things now the same way they did back in the 1980’s and 1990’s and these more traditional, North American based firms have changed very little. It is quite interesting that the same analyst firms telling you and your competitors to adapt and change have changed very little themselves.

Organizations are now looking for research to be more innovative and firms to be quicker in covering new geographies and new technologies, as well as delivering research in more flexible and cost effective ways. Springboard is meeting these needs through innovating and leveraging many of the trends from the IT industry and applying them to the IT market research industry.

Not legacy-bound, Springboard’s cutting-edge research model uses an innovative, leaner, and more efficient research model by leveraging the following attributes:

Global Research Centers of Excellence (China & India)

Drastically Reduced Costs
Springboard leverages world-class research centers in India and China and we supplement this with client-facing analysts in strategic worldwide locations to cultivate a lower cost, yet highly specialized, flexible, and knowledgeable research team.

Marrying Senior Analysts With Our Global Research Centers
We find there is a lot of power and flexibility, as well as increased global collaboration, through the marrying of senior analysts in our country offices with the team in our global research centers.

Springboard is able to use our global model to find highly skilled individuals who have experience in specific industries, technologies, and focus areas.

Investments in Quality
In the IT market research field, tapping into this deep reservoir of talent enables greater analyst specialization and experience at a fraction of the cost.

  • Increased average years of experience
  • Increased number of analysts assigned to projects
  • Greater analyst specialization
  • More flexibility in the research solutions being provided to clients

Focus on IT & Technology Market Research & Analysis

Increased Knowledge
Springboard focuses only on IT & Technology Market Research, which helps our team to increase their knowledge and be experts in this domain. This advantage combined with our research model and senior analysts, helps to deliver more value to our clients.

Increased Experience
Our focus on IT Market Research helps us to not only concentrate on hiring analysts with experience and knowledge of technology, it also helps us to drive and increase their experience through the research and projects that we are executing on.

Infusing Technology Into the Research Process

Technology Investment
Our technology investments enable us to process information more quickly and deliver insights in more interactive and useful formats.

Automation & Delivery
Our technology investments enable us to process information more quickly and deliver insights in more interactive and useful formats.
  • Infuse Technology into the Research Process (Production)
  • Rich Content-Related Technologies (Delivery)
  • Develop rich communities of users (Collaboration & Insight)

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