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Springboard is a dynamic and innovative organization so there are no set personality parameters for being a Springboard person. However, it is a fast-moving environment, so we do tend to recruit people who embrace responsibility, who like the scope to generate and implement new ideas, and who excel when thrown into the deep end.

Another key element we look for is a person’s dedication to team success as opposed to individual success - we believe that team success is what truly ensures personal success. A dedication to customer delight is also fundamental - we don’t want people who just do the job and go home. Instead we want people who care enough about their work to go the extra length in ensuring that customers’ expectations are met and even exceeded - we reward employees who are dedicated to this.
Springboard’s team leverages high academic achievement together with real world technology experience to help be experts in IT Market Research. Having worked for leading technology and market research firms, our global team understands what drives technology and and we rigorously apply this in the services and research we provide.

Most of our analysts have advanced their education (both MBAs and Masters Degrees) and they hold degrees in diverse areas such as business, economics, engineering, and the arts.
To attract the best people in the market with honorable personal values, who consistently deliver on what they promise, are more motivated by team success than personal success, and who are entrepreneurial in spirit and driven by customer delight.
This is not just a list of words, but the core values of the team at Springboard Research, when both at work or play. We are:
  • Innovators
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Accountable
  • Team focused
  • Flexible
  • Value-driven
  • Knowledge seekers
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