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The two founders of Springboard Research, Dane Anderson and Chris Perrine, have a long history in the IT Market Research industry and, as a result, a lot of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. One of their frustrations with this industry has always been the way traditional IT research firms are bogged down by legacy, and as a result, are often slow to move, inflexible in being able to meet client needs and are not able to keep pace with the fast moving industry they serve.

So Chris and Dane got their collective brains and experience together in 2003 and came up with a business idea for an innovative, flexible, and fast moving research firm, an idea we know today as Springboard Research, which was founded in late 2003 and now operates globally.

Neither of the founders has looked back since, with the world’s largest IT companies keen to work with a company that offers them a new and innovative approach to research. Their customers are also appreciating a different firm in the market, with many having no choice in the past but to work with the legacy-bound research firms. Now IT companies have a real alternative that offers better and faster results, for a fraction of the cost.

The team has well and truly expanded beyond Dane and Chris, with an experienced senior management and analyst team in place. This team works across the globe to develop the strategy, direction and growth of Springboard Research worldwide.

Another important aspect of Springboard Research is the values of the team. The senior management team value people above all else and have built a global team of entrepreneurial, customer-driven, team-focused people who live by the Springboard values. Springboard’s team are:

    • Accountable
    • Innovators
    • Creative
    • Passionate
    • Team focused
    • Flexible
    • Value-driven
    • Knowledge seekers

The Springboard team, from top to bottom, is 100% dedicated to the success and global growth of Springboard Research and will not waver from its core mission ‘To be the global standard for innovative IT market research, offering customers flexibility, value and a superior depth of knowledge.’

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