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900 930 "Welcome Remarks Helping Governments Serve People" Dane Anderson
CEO & EVP of Research Springboard Research
Delivered by Springboard Research CEO Dane Anderson, this presentation will provide an independent assessment of the Asia Pacific public sector and the dominant trends shaping the market. A key focus will be the cutting-edge trends and dynamics governments should be familiar with so that they can consider them for their own ICT transformations.
930 1000 Toward a Digitized Cloud Nation Chris Whitney
Director, Service Automation & Integration Lab
HP Labs
Hewlett-Packard Palo Alto
"The cloud is the next stage in the evolution of the Internet. Cloud provides the means through which everything will be delivered to you as a service — from computing power to business processes to personal interactions — wherever, however, and whenever you need it. Cloud computing represents entirely new value to consumers and large organizations. It offers a way for your organization to access highly scalable and flexible services over the Internet via a usage-based business model. This session will help IT organizations like yours take full advantage of cloud computing by selecting the best platform for your business services – be it your own in-house data center or platforms available from traditional outsourced services providers or cloud services providers."
1000 1030 Customer Best Practice - This session will be delivered by a Malaysian public sector organization to showcase an implementation and best practices that can be leveraged by attendees.
1030 1050 Sustainable Environmental Benefits delivered by Intel’s Green Technology Innovations Edham Zainol
Business Development Manager Government and Public Sector Sales & Marketing, Intel Malaysia
Intel's experience has been focused on environmental sustainability and the company is focused on making its breakthroughs even more relevant for customers in today’s economic climate. This session will discuss the economic impact of these investments and how they can make the nation as a whole more energy efficient.
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1110 1140 Defense & National Security - Defense Communications Network Management Kuan Siew Weng
Senior Solutions Architect
HP Software & Solutions Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific and Japan
"The Challenge of Transforming To Net-centric Environments Today's defense departments face a set of unique challenges. They demand greater network-enabled war fighting capability and modernization of their supporting functions. Specifically, they have to find ways to deliver greater military capabilities at lower costs and communicate quickly and securely with collaborating nations and other government and non-government organizations to empower real-time decision making. By doing so, governments can respond quickly to unpredictable threats and humanitarian crises and improve efficiencies in procurement, medical, personnel and logistics. Achieving these and other objectives requires more than simply acquiring new information technology (IT). It also requires transforming processes and training people to perform and thrive in this new environment."
1140 1210 The Challenge of Preventing, Detecting, and Responding To Homeland Security Concerns Gerry Lim
Director of Sales, Government & Civilian Agencies
Public Sector, Health & Life Sciences
Technology Solutions Group Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific and Japan
Terrorist monitoring. Crime control. Emergency response. Border security. Citizens trust their local, state and federal governments to keep them safe. Governments take that charge seriously - their top priorities are preventing, detecting, and responding to public safety and homeland security events. One of the best defenses against these 21st century threats is a strong technology approach: secure, effective access to mission-critical information, available when and where it is needed (protection at borders, transportation ports, and airports, using advanced tracking technology, biometrics, and strong security solutions). This session will provide access to past experiences, best practices, and lessons learned from homeland security solutions developed globally.
1210 1240 Transform your Data Center domains – speed business innovation and control costs to drive efficiency Lim Eng Heang
Regional Business Development Manager
Data Centre Transformation Services
Technology Services
Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific and Japan
"Are you ready for the future? The usage and importance of e-Government services has accelerated. People expect their interactions with the public administration to be processed easier, faster and more economically. On the other hand, the authorities at every level seek to establish common processes across different agencies. The foundation to enable this is supported by transforming the various domains within your organization (e.g. Governance, IT infrastructure, Applications & Information etc). The aim of this session is to describe the challenges and how Data Center Transformation solution can help and move towards a more agile, efficient e-Government solutions. "
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1340 1440 Sustainable Environmental Benefits delivered by Green IT with Enterprise Capabilities for the Public Sector Raymond Yap
Marketing Manager
Business Critical Systems Technology Solutions Group Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific and Japan
Green initiatives are becoming increasingly important. To some organizations and businesses, they are clearly part of their business strategy, to be more green in general, and to provide for a more sustainable business model across the board. To others, Green IT is an initiative to reduce energy costs and energy-related spending, in response to the long term increases in energy costs and the energy consumption of today’s data centers with increasingly dense server, storage and network infrastructure. To others, Green IT is a way to address constraints such as energy constraints or space-related constraints which impact their ability to support the business. This session will evaluate Green IT strategies and best practices.
1440 1510 Enterprise Content Management Steve Ng
Pre-Sales Consulting Manager HP Software and Solutions Hewlett-Packard South-East Asia
"This session will focus on how enterprise content management improves information agility and delivers IT savings. A primary focus will be unified electronic document and records management solutions to improve productivity, service effectiveness, collaboration, process automation and regulatory compliance . "
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1530 1600 Managing the Output Infrastructure for Cost Savings Pierre Mirlesse
Vice President
Enterprise Sales and Services Imaging & Printing Group Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific and Japan
Most organizations spend up to 5% of their revenue on output. Establishing a managed approach to an output environment helps organizations achieve cost savings of up to 30%, quantify the environmental impact of greener printing practices, improve information security and decrease help desk and maintenance costs. Furthermore, public sector organizations have the opportunity to automate their paper-based processes and reduce waste, and increase information sharing among agencies. This session will identify how improved fleet management and better workflow design can help public sector organizations achieve these valuable outcomes.
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