Day 1- Full Day User Conference
Day 2- SaaS Provider Boot Camp
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Day 1 - Full Day User Conference - Pacific 3, Level 1

The SaaS and Cloud Computing markets in Asia Pacific are immature and evolving rapidly. To optimize the business benefits, IT and business decision-makers must understand how the SaaS business model differs from traditional on-premise software solutions and have the knowledge necessary to identify the key benefits and challenges of SaaS as an approach.

This full day conference will provide attendees with best practices from existing SaaS users and SaaS vendors alike. It will also provide a forum for discussing Cloud Computing and SaaS-related issues, opportunities and challenges with a select group of your peers from other, similar organizations.

Time Description Speaker
08:00 - 09:00 (60mins) Registration & Exhibition Showcase  
09:00 - 09:50 (50mins) Keynote: The State of SaaS in APAC - Trends, Issues, Opportunities
The SaaS and Cloud Computing markets in Asia Pacific are evolving rapidly. To optimize the business benefits, IT and business decision-makers must understand how the SaaS business model differs from traditional on-premise software solutions and have the knowledge necessary to identify the key benefits and challenges of SaaS as an approach.

This keynote presentation will set the stage for the entire event. In addition to providing an overview of SaaS adoption trends across Asia Pacific, attendees will gain an understanding of the key topics and themes that organizations must consider as part of any stratic SaaS initiative.
Michael Barnes, VP Software & AP Research - Springboard Research
09:50 - 10:25 (35mins) Why There's Never Been a Better Time for Cloud Computing
In times like these, dealing with uncertainty is a challenge for business and technology leaders alike. Creating an agile business and infrastructure is essential to maintaining growth and minimizing risk. The current economic situation is driving companies to invest in cloud computing and technology models like SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) so that they can shift their focus from maintaining IT to being a change agent and building business value. This is freeing up valuable resources to focus on business innovation as opposed to simply managing infrastructure.

Andrew Knott, VP of Marketing for Asia Pacific, salesforce.com is going to share how more than 55,400 companies of all sizes and from all industries, ranging from local SMEs to many of the larger local and regional enterprises such as Avaya, Polycom, Symantec, Japan Post, Cisco, Datacraft and Singapore Post experience success from running their business on the cloud. In addition, Andy Cocks, Director, Strategy Execution and Solutions Group, Datacraft, will also share his customer success story.
Andrew Knott, VP Marketing Asia
Pacific - Salesforce.com

Andy Cocks, Director, Solutions Development Group & Alliances - Datacraft
10:25 - 11:00 (35mins) SaaS - A Fork in the Road
As businesses attempt to navigate the current economic downturn, two key questions emerge about the role of SAAS, the first, economic efficiency, the second, the emergence of a platform to drive innovation. Deepak will present on Google’s vision of SAAS, how it can be used as both a cost and strategic lever, and why demand in 2009 continues to accelerate.
Deepak Ramanathan, Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific - Google Enterprise
11:00 - 11:20 (20mins) Coffee Break  
11:20 - 11:55 (35mins) Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Growing threats and decreasing budgets. How can Software as a Service enable you to secure your company against the barrage of threats while maintaining the cost structure to grow into the future? Trend Micro will share their unique perspective on the security landscape and how cloud computing is the way forward for security, included in this is how Software as a Service will enable organizations of all sizes to remain secure while focusing on the core parts of their business and IT infrastructure.
Greg Boyle, APAC Product Marketing Manager - Trend Micro
11:55 - 12:30 (35mins) Web Commuting - Creating an Office of the Future
Many forward-thinking organisations are now promoting flexible working by providing the latest in remote working technology to their employees and members. This technology, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), remote access software and online meeting tools, is allowing users to stay in touch with colleagues, partners and customers.

This interactive session will provide an opportunity to learn about the implications of the trend towards Web commuting; as well to gain insight on the technology that now makes the virtual office truly possible.
H. R. Shiever, MD Asia Pacific - Citrix Online
12:30 - 01:30 (60mins) Networking Lunch  
01:30 - 02:05 (35mins) The Business Case for SaaS - A User Perspective
An end-user case study outlining the key benefits and challenges of implementing a SaaS solution.
Paul Sharp, VP, IT & Supply Chain - Omni Industries Holdings
02:05 - 02:40 (35mins) Adding Cloud to IT - Preparing to Address the Paradigm Shift
As IT organizations shift their paradigms from on premise to the cloud, they will need to shift their focus to visibility, governance and effective processes to manage the future of IT. Learn how IT can handle the massive amount of data explosion, device proliferation, cloud applications and multi-vendor dependencies while ensuring the service levels, security and performance of their new IT. SaaS for IT Management can be the answer by allowing CIOs to address these growing requirements and continue to up-level the focus on adoption rather than running software.
Vinita Ananth, Director APJ - HP Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
02:40 - 03:00 (20mins) Networking Break  
03:00 - 03:35 (35mins) The Benefits of SaaS and Doing Business in the Cloud – Success Stories
This presentation by SQWARE PEG (Salesforce.com’s Premier Consulting Partner in Asia-Pacific), will highlight key best practices for leveraging SaaS from a user and vendor perspective. Learn how companies just like yours are experiencing the benefits of Software-as-a-Service and understanding the need to move to the world of Cloud Computing.
Max Chan, Sales Manager, Asia - Sqware Peg
03:35 - 04:10 (35mins) Leveraging SaaS for Business Benefit – Real-World Examples Jason Masciarelli, GM - Astadia
04:10 - 04:45 (35mins) Brass Tacks: SaaS Realities & Possibilities
This session will wrap-up the day’s proceedings by summarizing the key themes, messages and feedback from speakers, end-users and the media. What are the consensus agreements, questions and disagreements from a day full of engaging discussion and debate? The session will conclude by looking ahead to Springboard’s ideas on how SaaS and Cloud Computing are likely to change in the years to come.
Dane Anderson, CEO & EVP Research - Springboard Research
Who Should Attend

This Springboard SaaS & Cloud Computing Conference gives you an exclusive opportunity to learn about the business advantages of software-as-a-service, best practices for extracting maximum value from SaaS solutions, and the types of solutions currently available throughout Asia Pacific. We will also provide attendees with a clear understanding of Cloud Computing as a technology trend and the implications for your business.

Designed to deliver optimal value to business and IT decision makers, this event is targeted at senior IT and business decision makers in organizations of all sizes, including:

  • CEOs and CFOs
  • CIOs and Heads of IT
  • Line of Business (LOB) Managers
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