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“Springboard has done extremely well in helping us gain useful insights through their research. The knowledge of the Asia Pacific market coupled with the approachable project team contributed to the success of this project.”
Director- Public Sector
Fortune 100 Software Provider
The Media & Entertainment industry globally is undergoing a rapid change related to the emergence of the Internet and Digital Media. These technology advancements are viewed by M&E as both a challenge and an opportunity and M&E is looking to IT to enable the transition to a business model that can meet M&E industry demands. This has led to a significant increase in IT investment across the M&E industry. Springboard’s IT in the Media & Entertainment Industry report series aims to help IT vendors understand more about the opportunities that are being created by the growth of the M&E market in Asia. Springboard’s report also details the size of the M&E market and how IT can effectively tap into that market.

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