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“I would definitely recommend working with them again and would be more than happy to enquire about their coverage in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.”
Regional Market Intelligence Manager
Fortune 100 Global IT Provider
As IT, technology, and communications continue to rapidly evolve and converge, it is important for our clients to keep abreast of new technologies and how they will affect the market. Springboard’s research model allows us to effectively track those technologies that, while currently small, could become huge trends in the industry. The flexibility of our model allows us to start tracking these trends early so that as our clients need in-depth information- the research is already there.
Globally, there are many areas that are very under-researched- either they are not researched at all or only at a very top-level view. With Springboard’s research model, we can effectively provide in-depth coverage of these areas and provide a level of detail that has not been available in the market.
In all of our research, we strive to provide demand-side research in addition to our supply-side views of the market. Utilizing our offshore research centers, we can execute on our demand side research cost effectively to provide added value in our research. By providing both views, we increase the depth of information our clients have available to help with their strategies.
Springboard's dynamic research model has allowed us to focus on helping our clients to better understand their current and potential partners and customers through our profiling services. These profiles help provide a deep-dive and strategic information to help our clients to gain the knowledge they need for their strategy and execution.
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