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“You and your team have delivered another top quality report in a fast time. This is what this idea is all about. I’m sending it out to the top management right now.”
Regional Market Research Manager
Global Integrated IT Provider
Local ISVs, SIs, and Partners have traditionally been a very under-researched area in Asia and with these partners becoming even more important as channels, partners, and enablers, it is crucial to gain more actionable market intelligence in this sector. Springboard has leveraged our research model to provide in-depth analysis and understanding of local ISVs, SIs, and partners to help our customers target, retain, and engage with this key segment of the IT eco-system.
Springboard has executed on projects and research focused on Software as a Service, Service Oriented Architecture, Vertical Markets focused software applications, Embedded Software, and other Software applications. Software is a fast moving area and we have found that our research model has allowed us to focus on new and emerging trends in Software along with focusing on smaller, more niche Software opportunities that have traditionally been under-researched.
IT Services and IT Consulting will represent huge growth opportunities in Asia as the markets in the region continue to mature. Springboard, through our research model and flexible delivery formats, has helped our customers to do targeted research in this area to help them understand markets, opportunities, competitors, and end-user behaviour.
Emerging Markets in Asia, while often still small, represent the markets of tomorrow and often very fast growing. Our research model has allowed us to be able to focus on understanding the dynamics of these young markets better along with being able to help identify where the opportunities are for our customers.
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