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Green Matters

Promoting a Sustainable Event

Springboard Research is committed to a greener environment and will take into account the environmental impact of the event, by endeavoring to minimise the events carbon footprint where possible. Event visitor and sponsor guidelines are also provided to minimise the environmental impact even further.

Off-setting Speaker & Staff Air Travel Carbon Emissions - Turning Emissions into Trees

The majority of event speakers are local, but in circumstances where speakers and staff need to use air travel, their carbon dioxide emissions will be calculated and off-set by planting Australian native trees. Carbon Neutral will plant these native trees on Springboard Research’s behalf.

Visit http://www.carbonneutral.com.au/ for more information.

Waste Reduction and Resource Conservation

  • Green CD’s – Upon registration a CD will be provided to all delegates containing all event presentations. This will eliminate the need to print all of these items.
  • Green Satchels – Re-useable satchels will also be provided to carry any extra items that may be given during the event.
Marketing & Springboard Research Staff
  • The marketing communications campaign for the event has focused on electronic and telephonic communication to minimise the use of paper.
  • Where paper based products are produced to promote the event, such as a registration brochure, 100% recycled papers are used.
  • No cover letters will be enclosed with brochures to reduce paper waste
  • All exhibitor stands are re-usable and supplied by Springboard Research
  • Springboard Research staff use signature blocks in emails encouraging people to consider limiting printing of email messages.
  • During all Springboard Research meetings there is a conscious decision to reduce print outs of spreadsheets and other documents. When paper is used it is disposed of in a recyclable bin.
  • Where possible all printing and photocopying in the Springboard Research office is double-sided.
  • Computers are set to power-save when not in use
  • All Springboard Research reports are electronic base

Event Venue Highlights

The conference venue, The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, was chosen in part due to its accessibility and proximity to major public transit routes, but also because of their excellent green initiatives. In March 2007, they received accreditation as a Green Globe Benchmarked Convention Centre. This benchmark accreditation reflected the Centre's commitment to the environment and the achievements of its environmental program, Ecowise, designed to reduce the Centre's waste and cut its energy usage. In addition they have recently issued a ‘Green’ brochure offering advice to event organizers on how to run a greener event.

Be Greener Delegate Guidelines

Help us make our event greener and create a greener event environment.

  • Transport: The Sydney Convention Centre is an excellent location accessible by public transport and foot.
  • If you have to fly or drive then offset your carbon emissions by visiting www.carbonnetural.com.au
  • Return your name badge and other printed material you do not require to the Information Desk at the event.
  • Request for information from exhibitors to be emailed as opposed to printed
  • Recycle any material we have sent you via post pre-event, everything will be printed on recyclable paper.

Be Greener Exhibitor Guidelines

Help us make our event greener and create a greener event environment.
  • Where possible avoid supplying delegates with printed material and offer to follow up with electronic documents via email.
  • Take a business card scanner to scan in delegate details as opposed to taking a business card
  • Print and photocopy double-sided
  • Be sensitive when selecting giveaway products, try and use recycled products that are not a threat to endangered species.
  • Turn off lights, power, computers on your stand overnight
  • Place all computers on power-save (if not in use) when delegates are in conference and not circulating on the show floor.
  • Use public transport to access the event where possible, minimise the amount of equipment you take with you.
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