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About Springboard

Springboard Research is the first true alternative IT market research firm in Asia-Pacific. Led by a team of dynamic industry experts with many years of experience, Springboard was founded on the premise that existing market research was inefficient, lacked depth and was not flexible enough to meet the IT markets’ growing business needs. The IT community is constantly evolving and changing, demanding IT market research in line with their business goals.

Our research model breaks away from the traditional system to deliver unique research value:

  • Greater Depth and Breadth of Knowledge
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Improved Research Efficiency
  • Lower Research Costs
  • Capability to Track New Trends & Markets

Why Green IT?
In 2007, a study on Green IT undertaken by Springboard Research revealed that cost savings will drive Green IT investments. Springboard Research decided to host their first ever event on the topic of Green IT in Australia. The focus of the event is based on the premise of making business sense out of Green IT. Springboard Research proves that Green IT can have a positive rather than negative effect on the organisations bottom-line.

“The economic benefits of Green IT are very apparent when an organisation spends time on its Green IT strategy. The time for strategy is now, if carbon controls are tightened then organisations need to be prepared”
Dane Anderson
CEO & Executive Vice President of Research

“The timing of this event couldn’t be better, Green IT is certainly an area that our clients are focused on and any guidance from us that is specific to Australia will be well received”
Phil Hassey
Vice President, Services & Country Manager, Australia
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