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About Benchmark IT
Benchmark IT is a leader in helping CIOs, IT Managers, and IT Decision Makers to gain more detailed information on technology adoption, usage, and spending among their peers. Benchmark IT is a groundbreaking, free-of-cost, online benchmarking tool that will enable IT decision makers to gain unique information and insights to help them with their planning and decision making.
Enabling IT decision makers
This first-of-its-kind tool available in the region is designed to empower CIOs and IT managers with business-critical and highly specific information that they have always wanted, but did not know where or how to find.

Benchmark IT offers IT Managers a choice to participate in online surveys. At least one survey is always open at Benchmark IT, which focuses on key areas relevant for technology decision-making.

These surveys ask a series of questions about the participant’s intended approach towards the survey’s topic, and then aggregate the responses with those submitted by their industry peers to give a perspective on where their approach stands compared to that of their peer group. The member’s responses are also benchmarked by industry, size of company, and IT environment. Benchmark IT leverages its unique and proprietary methodology to collate the results, post the survey and produce a customized report for each respondent.
How this helps me?
Most IT Managers struggle with a lack of information on the overall adoption and usage of technology in their industry and this lack of information makes it more challenging to invest and expand the organization’s IT capabilities. Benchmark IT allows CEOs and CFOs make crucial IT investments by benchmarking them against their peers within the industry.
How this is different?
Unlike current technology panels that serve vendors, Benchmark IT focuses on serving technology end users, providing them rich information to help their IT planning absolutely free of cost. Every registered participant gets to participate in surveys and also receives detailed benchmarking reports and access to other research. Benchmark IT’s goal is to become a trusted tool that IT decision makers can rely on for timely and detailed research specific to their country.
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