The Win/Loss Canvas monitors key IT deals and projects and investigates the factors behind successful client wins by IT vendors behind the buyer’s ultimate decision. Findings are based on desk research and 3-6 interviews with the buyer, sales representatives from multiple vendors and consultants familiar with the particular deal. The deliverable for this offering is a 2-3 page executive summary and 15-20 slide presentation.
The types of questions answered through Win/Loss Canvas analyses include:
What was the client seeking?
What were the breakthroughs?
What were the attributes of the deal?
What was the decision making process?
What was the tilting point in the decision?
What could have been done better?
Is the explanation provided by internal sales representatives accurate?

A bank of Win/Loss Canvas allotments is generally purchased to monitor large deals on a continuous basis. The information provided through this product offering enables customers to adjust go-to-market strategies and ensure large deals are secured in the future.