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Andrew Knott, Vice President, Marketing Asia Pacific – Salesforce.com
As Vice President, Marketing, Andrew Knott is responsible for leading the marketing efforts for Salesforce.com across Asia Pacific. As the world’s fastest growing enterprise technology company over the past five years (source: Forbes Magazine), Salesforce.com has been expanding rapidly in Asia with Marketing at the forefront of efforts to drive category leadership, market penetration and growth.

Prior to joining Salesforce.com, Andrew held a variety of senior management roles in Singapore, Korea, China as well as regional Asia-Pacific when working at Ogilvy & Mather. Andrew lead the development of the CRM & digital agency group, OgilvyOne in North Asia working with some of the most innovative and market leading organisations spanning the fields of technology, finance, automotive & logistics, through to personal technology and consumer goods.

With close to twenty years of experience in brand management and CRM (customer relationship management), Andrew believes in the value of managing your existing customer base to maximum effect. In times like this it is important to be absolutely focused on your customers to drive revenue, deliver better service and ultimately get more value out of your customer relationships. Something that Salesforce.com is similarly focused on with each and every one of their 51,800 customers around the globe and is reflected by the simple fact that 94% of Salesforce.com’s customers said they would recommend Salesforce to other potential customers and some 77% actually have.
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