Quick Takes are designed to provide clients with a predefined custom research framework to answer key internal questions quickly (1-3 weeks) and cost-effectively. The methodology employed for the research is mostly desk research based with primary research interviews also conducted. Clients generally buy a bank of Quick Takes in order to respond quickly to internal queries when they arise. The types of topics Quick Takes can address are the following:
How will a new product release fare in the market? What competitive threats does it pose?
What is the real meaning behind a major customer development?
Who are the key ISVs/SIs/VARs in a specific market segment?
What are the dynamics (market size, competitors, trends, etc.) of a niche and under-researched market segment?
What is an independent assessment of a strategy we are planning to launch?

The Quick Takes product line has three product tiers based on the degree of detail required: Snapshots, Perspectives and Panoramas. The specific details of these three product tiers are highlighted below:

Research Duration
Analyst Hours
Delivery Length
1 week
40 to 50
1-2 pages
3 to 5
2 weeks
80 to 90
3-5 pages
6 to 10
3 weeks
120 to 130
8-10 pages
11 to 15