With information gathered by a team of editors located in India, SearchDataCenter.IN is dedicated to providing you with the information Indian IT pros need to do their job successfully and make the right technology decisions.

SearchDataCenter.IN offers its readers with ALL of the deep, evergreen technical advice presented on our flagship sites, plus you get news and analysis specific to your needs in India

SearchDataCenter.IN will have exclusive access to all of the localized content on topics ranging from cloud computing and security, server and virtualization management, storage and data management, data center infrastructure, design, to operations and asset management -- and much more.

Supported by resources including peer case studies, in-depth technical advice, expert tips, informative learning guides, white papers, webcasts, podcasts and more, SearchDataCenter.IN will cover topics like IT leadership and planning, managing the IT budgeting process, IT governance strategies, IT Vendor selection and technology outsourcing.

SearchDataCenter.IN is a part of the TechTarget India Network which also includes SearchCIO.IN, SearchSecurity.IN and SearchBusinessIntelligence.IN.

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